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ModDefiled Lands
Blast resistance0.5
EMC value32 EMC
Technical details
First appearance0.1.0

The Blastem is a plant added by Defiled Lands. It can be found in all defiled biomes except Defiled Deserts.

It can only be planted on Defiled Dirt or Defiled Grass using a Blastem Seed, which can be obtained by breaking a Blastem. When planted it will slowly mature over time, going through 9 distinct growth stages. When fully mature, a Blastem Fruit will be visible on the plant, which can be either be harvested by breaking the plant or right clicking it. Harvesting the fruit with right clicking will revert the Blastem to its 6th stage, allowing it to produce a new fruit faster.

If any entity, except creatures from defiled biomes (like Scuttlers), touches a mature Blastem, its fruit will instantly explode.



  • The name "Blastem" is a combinaison of the words "blast" and "stem", referring to the plant's explosive properties.