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This page is about the RotaryCraft Blast Furnace. For other uses, see Blast Furnace.
Blast Furnace


The Blast Furnace is a machine from RotaryCraft. It is used to convert Iron Ingots into HSLA Steel Ingots, smelt Bedrock Alloy Ingots, and craft several recipes using Bedrock Alloy Ingots.


The Blast Furnace is one of only two RotaryCraft machines that can be crafted in a Crafting Table in stead of a Worktable. It can still be made in a Worktable though.


The Blast Furnace has a total of 12 input slots and 3 output slots. The central nine of these inputs act as a variant shaped or shapeless crafting grid, and are where most recipes are built from. The left three inputs are for additional materials that may not be consumed by the active recipe. The Blast Furnace does not consume fuel internally; it must be heated from outside. Lava is a common heat source, heating a Blast Furnace to 625C, however it is not hot enough to handle all recipes. For greater temperatures, a Heater or Friction Heater must be used.

The most common use for the Blast Furnace is the smelting of Iron Ingots into HSLA Steel Ingots, the material used to make almost all RotaryCraft machines. Smelting HSLA Steel requires Iron, Sand, Gunpowder, Coal or Coal Coke, and a temperature of at least 600C. If Coal Coke is used in stead of Coal, each Iron Ingot has a chance to produce two HSLA Steel Ingots. 1-9 Iron Ingots can be smelted at a time. Sand, Gunpowder, and Coal have a chance to be consumed with each time the Blast Furnace runs, so for fuel and time efficiency it is best to smelt 9 Iron Ingots at a time.

The more advanced use of the Blast Furnace is in the smelting of Bedrock Alloy Ingots. Bedrock Alloy Ingots are smelted one at a time, with each requiring 1 HSLA Steel Ingot, 4 Bedrock Dust, and a temperature of 1000C. Bedrock Gears, Shaft Units, Tools, and Armor are also crafted in the Blast Furnace. These recipes use the Blast Furnace as a shaped crafting grid, and require temperatures of either 1000C or 1200C.