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Black Hole Tank

ModIndustrial Foregoing
TypeTile entity
Blast resistance15
Liquid storage2,147,483,647 mB
Technical details
Registry nameindustrialforegoing:black_hole_tank
Unlocalized nametile.industrialforegoing.black_hole_tank

The Black Hole Tank is a block added by Industrial Foregoing. It is used to store large quantities of fluid, with an internal tank size of 2,147,483 B. Fluid can be added to the tank by right clicking with a filled Bucket, placing a Bucket in the internal inventory slot, or by piping in directly. Fluid can be extracted through fluid pipes or by right clicking with an empty Bucket. The Black Hole Tank will keep its contents when broken and can be cleared by placing it in a crafting grid.


"Industrial Foregoing"

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