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This page is about Biome Scanner added by Scanner. For other uses, see Biome Scanner.

TypeSolid block

The Biome Scanner is a block added by the Scanner mod and is used to check what biome a chunk mostly has remotely. It takes a configurable amount of Redstone Flux (RF), dependent on the chunk's distance from the block. It has 4 tiers:

Tier Maximum Chunk Distance Special Notes
Basic 2
Advanced 4
Elite 8
Ultimate 16 Can be used as an addon


Place the Biome Scanner down, connect it to a power source and right-click it to open the GUI. Click chunks in the Scanner's range and their biomes will be revealed and stored in the Biome Scanner for later review until it is broken.

As an addon

The Ultimate Tier Biome Scanner can also be used as an addon to the Terrain Scanner. Please visit that article for more information about using it to scan chunks remotely.


Like all Scanner mod blocks, this block has no recipe and has to be added by another means, like CraftTweaker.