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This page is about the Biomass added by Forestry. For other uses, see Biomass.


Biomass is a liquid fuel introduced by Forestry that produces 5 Minecraft Joules per tick (MJ/t) for 10,000 ticks when consumed in a Biogas Engine. Biomass is produced by fermenting saplings and other organic materials inside a Fermenter.

Biomass is an important stepping stone in the creation of Ethanol, and is very similar to BuildCraft's Oil. However, Biomass is an easily renewable resource, while Oil requires complicated setups (often involving bees) to be renewable.

Fuel Output

Machine Output Output/t
Generator 12,500 EU 10 EU/t
Bio Generator 8,000 EU 8 EU/t
Biogas Engine 50,000 MJ 5 MJ/t