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Biogas Engine

Mod Forestry
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Other forms
Energy Production
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Output 10~50 RF/t
Buffer Unknown
Explosive No
Locks down? No

The Biogas Engine is an energy producing engine from Forestry. It requires Lava to heat itself up to a minimum operating heat level of 225ºC and, depending on the fuel used in addition to the lava, will either consume lava to stay heated or produce enough heat to only require lava on startup.



Fuel Lava Usage Output Ticks
Water Constant 10 RF/t 1000
Liquid Honey Startup/Restart only 10 RF/t 10,000
Milk Constant 10 RF/t 40,000
Seed Oil Startup/Restart only 30 RF/t 10,000
Biomass Startup/Restart only 50 RF/t 10,000
Apple Juice Startup/Restart only 10 RF/t 10,000