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Bio Generator

Mod Forestry
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Energy Production
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MJ buffer {{{mjbuffer}}} MJ
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Output 8 EU/T (On biomass) 16 EU/T (Biofuel)
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Explosive No
Locks down? No

The Bio Generator is a generator added by Forestry. It is an Industrialcraft2 compatible generator and can be used to power machines introduced by IC2. It has a ten bucket fuel capacity and will burn one bucket of biofuel in one minute and forty seconds, producing 32,000 EU total. If you have an MJ/RF system it's arguably a better idea to use MFR's Biofuel Generator instead.


To fuel this unit, simply open it up and place a can, bucket, or cell of Biofuel or Biomass inside. Alternately, route a Waterproof Pipe or Liquiduct to the device.


The unit requires gold, a Sturdy Casing, and 2 glass.