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Binnie Fence Recipes
Current developersmarcin212
Supported Minecraft versions1.7.10

Binnie Fence Recipes is a mod created by marcin212 that is re-adds the 63,375 different fences that Extra Trees used to add before they were removed in version 2.0-pre 1 due to the crafting lag caused because of them.

The initial implementation of the many different types of fence caused large lag spikes with any crafting operation due to the crafting handler having to search through the 63,375 fence recipes. Binnie-Fix removed these recipes from version 2.0-dev5, and they were removed from Extra Trees the next version (2.0-pre 1). Binnie Fence Recipes dynamically generates the fence recipes, meaning there isn't the lag caused from having to search through each recipe. Because of this however, NEI in unable to show these recipes, but a MineTweaker script has been written (see External links) which adds the recipes into the game in such a way that NEI is able to provide a crafting recipe for the different types of fence.

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