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Better With Mods
Modicon Better With Mods
Current developersprimetoxinz
Past developersBeeto
Version1.12.2: 2.3.23
1.12.1: 2.3.9
1.12: 2.3.9
1.11.2: 1.2.41
1.10.2: 0.14.25
1.10: 0.8.4
1.9.4: 0.9
Supported Minecraft versions1.9.4-1.12.2
Needed forBetter With Addons
Better With Engineering
Hardcore Buoyance
Discord serverLink
Mod IDbetterwithmods

Better With Mods is a work in progress mod created by Beeto and currently maintained by primetoxinz and BordListian based largely on Better Than Wolves. Its goal is to "reimagine" a large amount of Better Than Wolves' content, but with better integration and compatibility with other mods, as well as adapting to new versions of Minecraft, rather than simply sticking on an old version. It changes some of vanilla Minecraft's functionality, and adds a large amount of new features.

Better With mods is broken into two main sections, the "Core" mod and the "Modules" system. The core mod consists of the Blocks and Items which cannot be removed or disabled, however, some can be configured. The Modules System adds the majority of the content. The modules system is broken into large Modules which are then further broken into the surplus of Features, all of which are configurable. There are currently three modules in the mod: Hardcore Features, Tweaks, and Compatibility.

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