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Better Than Wolves
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Current developersFlowerChild
Supported Minecraft versions1.5.2

Better Than Wolves is a total conversion mod made by FlowerChild. It is standalone, and not compatible with Minecraft Forge, or many other mods. This is somewhat intentional by the mod author. There is however an unofficial recreation of the mod called Better With Mods for newer version, which uses Forge.

Better Than Wolves was originally created in Beta 1.4, when FlowerChild remarked that the addition of Wolves added little value to the game, and that there was a lot of better ideas that could have been applied instead. He collected various ideas from the community that were "better than wolves", and created the first version of Better Than Wolves a few days later.

Better Than Wolves changes many of the survival aspects of Minecraft to create a more balanced experience. For example, movement speed is slower on Sand and faster on Stone (in order to encourage building paths), and Buckets cannot transport "source blocks" (to force the player to think about where to build things that will require water).


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