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Better Dungeons
Modicon betterdungeons
Current developersChocolatin
Supported Minecraft versions1.7.10

Better Dungeons, or Chocolate Quest is an adventure-based mod by Chocolatin. It adds many new dungeons, bosses, monsters, tools, and items. With Better Dungeons, users are able to create custom dungeons, and have them generate in new chunks. There are several biome-based dungeons, such as the Deep Jungle Caves, and even dimension-based dungeons, such as the Nether City. Better Dungeons allows for a huge gain in Vanilla resources as dungeon loot, at the cost of very challenging battles and dangerous journeys.

It is important to note that the mod's creator, Chocolatin. Has not been seen since May 2016. Thus the mod is pretty much dead. A 1.9 port was planned and has a post. A group of people have been working on a recreation of Chocolate Quest for 1.12.2+ though, under the name Chocolate Quest Repoured.

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