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Better Barrel

TypeSolid block
Blast resistance8

The Better Barrel is a block added by JABBA. It is used to store a 64 stacks of 1 item. The capacity can be expanded by the use of Storage upgrades. Other upgrades can give the barrel different characteristics: Structural upgrades add slots for the other upgrades to fit into. The maximum number of upgrade slots is marked under "Slots Provided" in the tooltip. Other upgrades improve storage and usability and use 1 or more slots.

The barrel can be locked. This sets an item template to prevent any other items from entering even when the barrel is empty. If an empty barrel is locked, it will not accept automatic input until an item is input manually. The barrel can also be moved around while retaining its inventory by using a Dolly.

For automation purposes the barrel can be accessed from any side, though facades (for use with upgrades) can only be applied to sides besides the face.



Better Barrels provide several different ways of interacting with them.

Many functions exist including:

  • Adding Items to a barrel
 • Right-click with an item to place the currently selected stack into the barrel
 • Double right-click with an item to place all of the corresponding items in the player's inventory into the barrel
  • Removing items from a barrel
 • Left-click to drop one stack of the barrel's contents
 • Shift + left-click to drop a single item from the barrel's contents
  • Locking the barrel
 • Shift + right-click to lock or unlock the barrel's contents
  • Apply upgrades, facades, or stickers
 • Shift + right-click while holding an upgrade, facade, or sticker to add it to the barrel
  • Alter facades
 • Right-click with a Barrel Hammer to change modes for Hopper facades or Redstone facades
  • Remove upgrades
 • Shift + right-click with a normal Barrel Hammer to remove the most recent upgrade from the barrel or the upgrade the Barrel Hammer specifies (change this by shift + right-clicking the Barrel Hammer on something other than a barrel)