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BetterFps is a utility mod created by Guichaguri. The mod increases the performance from Minecraft. It can also be used server-side, though not all enhancements are available on either the server or client version.


BetterFps has a few ways of attempting to improve performance.


BetterFps allows you to select different algorithms for Sin and Cos operations. These may or may not actually be faster depending on hardware. Opening the mod's .jar file will allow you to run a benchmark, and automatically switch your algorithm to the fastest one. The list of algorithms is as follows:

  • Java Math
  • LibGDX's algorithm
  • Riven's algorithm
  • Riven's "full" algorithm
  • Riven's "half" algorithm
  • Taylor's algorithm
  • Vanilla algorithm

This change affects both the client, and the server.

Memory preallocation

BetterFps allows you to disable Memory preallocation, which is where Minecraft will create a 10MB allocation to avoid players booting the game with too little ram. This allocation is by default never cleared. This change is only useful for people with limited amounts of ram. This is only a client-side change.


BetterFps allows you to disable fog, which can cause performance improvements. This only works on the client-side.

Beacon beam transparency

An experimental addition to the mod is the ability to turn off the transparent layer of the beacon beam. The reason why this is experimental is because the mod author isn't quite sure if it actually helps or not. This change is only available on the client-side.

Fast hopper

Fast hopper reworks the hopper logic, making it check for blocks to pick up less, and if the hopper is covered, it won't check for blocks to pick up at all. This change is only available on the server-side.

Fast beacon

Fast beacon reworks beacon code to make it process less unnecessary things, whilst also coding it more efficiently. This change is available on both the client and server-side.

Fast search

Fast search reworks the code for the Creative search menu, making it so that keys like shift don't update search, making searches reuse old results, and making searches asynchronous, mitigating lag spikes. This change is available on the client-side.


The mod offers compatibility with the following mods:

  • Fastcraft: full compatibility
  • FpsPlus+: BetterFps will overwrite the Sin and Cos enhancements from FpsPlus.
  • Optifine: BetterFps will overwrite the Optifine "fast math" settings, unless the vanilla algorithm is selected.

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