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Belt Hub

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The Belt Hub is a RotaryCraft machine used to transport Shaft Power over longer distances than would be practical with Shafts.



Two Belt Hubs and several Belts are required to transport energy. Place one Belt Hub adjacent to the source of energy you want to transport. Place the second one up to 64 blocks away in any straight line perpendicular to the starting Belt Hub. (So if the first Belt Hub was placed with its input facing North, the second can be placed up to 64 blocks directly East, West, Up, or Down from it.) There cannot be any other blocks between the two Belt Hubs. Shift-right-click the second Belt Hub with a Screwdriver to switch it to Output mode. Then, right-click either Belt Hub with a stack of Belts, then right-click the other Belt Hub with the same stack of Belts. The two Belt Hubs will be linked, consuming one Belt for each block of distance between the two Hubs. Any power that enters the first Belt Hub will be output from the second. If either of the two connected Belt Hub blocks are broken, all of the Belts used to link them will drop as items along with the broken Hub.

Belt Hubs have an alternate mode that can be activated by repeatedly right-clicking them with a Screwdriver. If set to Input mode, a Belt Hub can be then set to split its input, with half of its input Torque being transmitted down the Belt, and half of its input Torque being transmitted through it to its back side. If set to Output mode, a Belt Hub can then be set to split its output, emitting half of its received Torque from each of its two shaft sides.

Belt Hubs have two limitations on their power transference. First, if power at greater than 8192 Rad/sec Speed or 8192 Nm Torque is transmitted down them, they will begin to slip and lose almost all of the energy transmitted beyond either of those points. Second, if either connected Belt Hub or any of the Belts connecting them can see the sky and it start to rain, the belt will become wet, and the Belt Hubs will slip at 1/4th of their normal limits (2048 Rad/sec speed or Nm Torque). After the rain stops, it will take between 3 and 15 minutes for the belt to dry. As such, Belt Hubs are often used best underground.

Unlike many other Shaft Power transmitting blocks, Belt Hubs do not explode or fail when overloaded; they merely waste power.

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