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This page is about the Beehives from Forestry. For other uses, see Beehives.

TypeSolid block

Beehives are worldgen blocks added by Forestry. They can be found in different biomes and can only be harvested with a Scoop, which will yield a variety of Bees and honey combs depending on the type of hive.

There are 6 types of Beehive added by Forestry and several others added by the Forestry add-ons Extra Bees and Magic Bees. Here are some of the known types, where they can be found and what they contain.

Caution must be exercised when attempting to harvest or closely pass a beehive. Approaching too close to a beehive will result in it sending bees to attack you, dealing half a heart of damage. Breaking or harvesting the hive itself will result in bees emerging to pursue you for a short time before eventually disappearing.

Forestry Hives

Type Drops Biomes Location Glows?

Forest Princess,
Forest Drone,
Honey Comb
Forest Attached to tress Yes

Meadows Princess,
Meadows Drone,
Honey Comb
Meadows, Plains On ground Yes

Modest Princess,
Modest Drone,
Parched Comb
Desert On ground Yes

Tropical Princess,
Tropical Drone,
Silky Comb
Jungle Attached to tress, but can be very high up Yes

Wintry Princess,
Wintry Drone,
Frozen Comb
Ice plains, Ice mountains On ground Yes

Marshy Princess,
Marshy Drone,
Mossy Comb
Swampland On ground Yes

Extra Bee's Hives

Type Drops Biomes Location Glows?

Water Princess and
Water Drone
In water On ground No

Rocky Princess and
Rocky Drone
Under ground Embedded in stone No

Embittered Princess and
Embittered Drone
Nether On ground No

Marbled Princess and
Marbled Drone
All biomes On ground No

Magic Bee's Hives

Type Drops Biomes Location Glows?

Mystical Princess and
Mystical Drone
Forest and plains Attached to trees Yes

Unusual Princess and
Unusual Drone
Jungle and plains On ground Yes

Sorcerous Princess and
Sorcerous Drone
Desert On ground Yes