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Bee House


A Bee House is a machine from Forestry used in beekeeping. It allows bees to produce bee products without the possibility of mutating. An Apiary is the more advanced version of a bee house, which allows the input bees to mutate. Bees can produce a large variety of products. Most bees usually only produce combs, but a small handful also produce other items.




The GUI has several features. The bee progress bar is at the far left; it will be grey when there are no bees using the machine. Next to the bee progress bar is the princess/queen and drone slots, where the player can input their bees. The top slot is for princesses and queens, while the bottom is for drones only. The slots that are shaped like honey comb is where the bee products are stored. As the bee progress bar shrinks and changes from green to red the bee will create bee products. Those bee products will slowly start popping up in the honey comb section.


At the far right of the GUI is the statuses. These can be clicked to show the user more information.

First status

The first status will notify the player if a bee is able to breed or not. If this status is not showing, that means the bees are able to breed. Some reasons the bees will not be able to breed include:

  • There are no bees in the bee slots.
  • The environment is deadly for the bee.
  • There are no or incorrect flowers.
  • It is not the correct time of day.
Second status

The second status shows the player the statistics for the environment the bee house is located in. This is used to tell the player what bees will breed, and which will not, in this environment.

Third status

The third status will generate a random tip for using the bee house. These tips shuffle through every time the GUI is opened.

Fourth status

The fourth status will display a few buttons. These buttons allow the player to lock the Bee House from other players. This status is only useful when playing multiplayer.

Bee House GUI