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Bedrock Mining Drill

ModGregTech 6
TypeMultiblock structure
Blast resistance9.0
Technical details
First appearance6.06.10
Unrecognised parameter: ruinput

The Bedrock Mining Drill is a 3x3x5 multiblock machine added by GregTech 6. It is used to mine bedrock for unlimited access to materials.


Building a Bedrock Mining Drill requires 35 Dense Titanium Walls, nine Bedrock Mining Drill Heads, and the Bedrock Mining Drill Controller.

The Bedrock Mining Drill is constructed with one 3x3 layer of Bedrock Mining Drill Heads beneath four 3x3 layers of Dense Titanium Walls. The controller must be placed in the center of the top surface. After the construction is completed, four RU input ports will appear on the second layer from the top.


The Bedrock Mining Drill accepts Rotary Power (RU) from the four marked points, at a speed between 1024 and 4096RU/t. It also requires Lubricant to be piped into any face. It auto-outputs Cobblestone of various types, broken Ores, and rarely an Impure Pile of Bedrock Dust from the controller face. Each operation takes 32768RU in total, and 100L of Lubricant; thus 32 to 2 ticks per cycle.


The stone variant is selected randomly from the full list of Stone Layers that generate in the world, and has a 0.1% chance of changing with every block mined. This will be the base stone for the broken ores, and the exact variant of cobblestone. In The Nether and Atum, only the regional specific stone type will be generated; in The Erebus and Betweenlands cobblestone will be only of the local variants, but ores will change base stone type.

Richness of the drill is determined by counting the Bedrock Ores covered by the drill heads: two points for each full bedrock ore, and one point per small bedrock ore. This total divided by 128 is the chance of getting an ore each cycle (mixed veins are also weighted by this count).

There is a 1/32nd chance of each ore being the primary byproduct instead of the base ore. If the output is not an ore: there is a 0.1% chance of producing Impure Bedrock Dust, otherwise it makes Cobblestone.

Overspeed RU input will definitely make the Drill explode, not just rattle loudly like most other machines on normal difficulty configuration.