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Bedrock Breaker

Required power4194304 W
Required torque16384 Nm

The Bedrock Breaker is a machine from RotaryCraft. It is used to break Bedrock blocks into Bedrock Dust for use in Bedrock Alloy Ingots and components.



The Bedrock Breaker must be placed at the level of the Bedrock it is to mine. It will then consume a large amount of power to slowly break down Bedrock blocks into Bedrock dust. It will target one block at a time, out to a maximum range of 4 blocks, and will destroy any non-Bedrock blocks in its range. It cannot break Bedrock at Y=0 so it cannot break through to the Void below Bedrock, but it can break holes into the area above the Nether. However, as it cannot break Bedrock at Y=0, mods that flatten Bedrock to only generate at Y=0 will force the player to break the bedrock at the roof of the nether, therefore making the process of getting bedrock slightly more difficult.

The Bedrock Breaker does not break Bedrock blocks all at once. Every time the Bedrock Breaker completes an operation, 1/16th of a Bedrock block will be broken away. Bedrock blocks partially mined like this will become Bedrock Slices, and when broken for the 16th time they will be removed from the world. Each time a Bedrock block or Bedrock Slice is broken, the Bedrock Breaker will place Bedrock Dust in its inventory. By default, 2 Bedrock Dust will be generated, however the configuration setting I:"Difficulty Control" can change this. If I:"Difficulty Control"=1, 3 Bedrock Dust is produced per operation. If I:"Difficulty Control"=3, 1 Bedrock Dust is produced per operation.

As with many RotaryCraft machines, the Bedrock Breaker operates more quickly when given higher speeds.

  • Time in Ticks, x = input speed

At absolute minimum speed (1 Rad/s), a Bedrock Breaker requires 28.5 seconds (570 ticks) to grind away a slice of Bedrock. At its minimum Torque and Power (16384 Nm, 4,194,304W, therefore 256 Rad/s), a Bedrock Breaker requires 17.95 seconds (359 ticks) to grind away a slice of Bedrock. In layman's terms, every time the input speed is doubled, the processing time decreases by 1.5 seconds. A speed of 1,030,562 (rounded up to 2^20, 1,048,576) Rad/s is required to operate a Bedrock breaker at maximum speed, 1 tick per operation. However, attaining this maximum speed requires 16,884,727,808W Power (16.88 GW) and so therefore attempting to run a Bedrock Breaker at such a speed is almost impossible. (Certain turbines from ReactorCraft may be able to output this amount of power, but the High Pressure Turbines from ReactorCraft are extremely end-game and therefore will not be attained at the same time as the bedrock breaker).