Batswarm Form

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Batswarm Form
Witchery Information

Observations of an Immortal
...he smiled, a rare event, when he told me of his first flight...
...he flew from village to village, untill [sic] he knew the full extent of his domain, there was no nowhere he could not go...
Ability type Vampire
Required level 7
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Batswarm Form is a Vampiric ability from Witchery. It is given when the player reaches Level 7 in Vampirism. This power is non-passive, so it requires the player to use their use key with it equipped in the added hotbar slots.

Batswarm Form, when toggled, will turn the user into a swarm of 3 bats. This will allow them to fit into single block spaces, and fly similarly to creative mode. However, it passively uses blood while active, and causes the player to drink blood much slower.

It can be disabled by sneak-using the added hotbar slot.