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ModGregTech 6
Blast resistance6.0
Technical details
Registry namegt.multitileentity:22002

The Bath is a crafting machine added by GregTech 6. It is used to bath the solid in liquid, which can color objects with liquid dyes, make treated wood from Creosote, make galvanized steel from molten zinc, bathe ores in acid, and perform some chemical reactions and other recipes.

The Bath does not require energy and only needs waiting time to complete the process.



Right-click items in the top and add fluid by any means. Wait a few moments for the operation to complete. Right-click out product items and refused items. The Bath will not perform the recipe if non-matching items or fluids are also present.

The Bath will apply potions to food items as otherwise hidden NBT. It can be filled by a Tap overhead or drained by one. It can only be emptied by portable tanks from the side or rim. The Bath will fill with rainwater if left outside exposed to the sky.

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