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Basic Logistical Transporter

Blast resistance30
TC6 Aspects
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Technical details
Flow speed1 m/s

The Basic Logistical Transporter is a pipe added by Mekanism, which transports items between storage blocks and machines. It is the tier 1 of items transport pipes provided by Mekanism, with the lowest transport speed of 1 m/s and a pump rate of 2 items/s. It is also used as a component to craft the next tier of item transport pipes, the Advanced Logistical Transporter.



Picture 1: The main line of a tier 2 ore-processing system. The machines are connected with Logistical Pipes to transport the products automatically from machine to machine.

To transport items, for example, from a machine to a chest, just connect them with pipes (shown in Picture 1). To activate the transport process, there are 3 possibilities:

  1. Activate the "Auto-Eject" function of the machine. Products are output automatically into a connected pipe with a valid destination. "Valid destinations" are defined as storage blocks with empty space or machines which can handle the item. If no destination is available, the item is not ejected from the pipe system.
  1. Configure the socket of the pipe (which connects the machine) with a Configurator to the "Pull" setting.
  1. Place a Logistical Sorter between the machine an the pipe system and activate the "Auto" function inside the GUI of the Logistical Sorter.


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