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Basic Farmer

ModSteve's Carts
TypeSteve's Carts Module
Next tier
Steve's Carts Properties
Compatible Hulls

Module typeTool
Modular cost36
Construction time11 min 3 sec
Tool typeFarmer
Repair withDiamonds
(+ 150,000 )
Effect radius1 blocks

The Basic Farmer is the first tier Farmer Tool Module allowing minecarts in Steve's Carts to till earth, plant crops, and harvest wheat, carrots, and potatoes.



The Farmer GUI

The Farmer's GUI.

When mounted on a cart using the Cart Assembler, the Farmer tool will construct and maintain a wheat, carrot, and potato farm. The Farmer tool has a three slot inventory, which can be stocked with Seeds, Carrots, or Potatoes. As the cart makes its way around the track, the Farmer will first till the earth, and then plant crops from its inventory on every block on either side of the track. When a crop is fully grown, the Farmer will pause and harvest it. Seeds, Carrots, and Potatoes are stored back into its inventory. After its inventory is full, any extra as well as any Wheat are placed in one of the cart's storage modules. It will then plant a new crop and continue down the track.

  • Only a single tool is allowed per cart.
  • Covers an area of 1 meter on either side of the minecart.
  • Will harvest and collect Wheat and put it into a storage module.
  • Can only plant Seeds, Carrots, and Potatoes.
  • Does not keep tilled earth hydrated - this can be accomplished by the Hydrator or Large Hydrator modules, or by using vanilla irrigation with a Water Source. If your plants are broken immediately after they are planted, or your Dirt is not staying tilled, this is likely the culprit.

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