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Basic Capacitor Bank

ModEnder IO
Next tier
Max RF input1000 RF/t
RF storage1,000,000 RF
Max RF output1000 RF/t

The Basic Capacitor Bank is a block added by Ender IO. It is used to store Redstone Flux (RF); each block can store one million RF. It is a shapeless multiblock; putting a Basic Capacitor Bank next to another Basic Capacitor Bank will combine their energy storage.

Within the GUI, up to four RF-using tools can be charged at the same time. The maximum RF input and output can be adjusted, but it cannot go above 1000 without multiple Basic Capacitor Banks (a multiblock of 2 Basic Capacitor Banks can reach 2000 RF input/output, a multiblock of 3 Basic Capacitor Banks can reach 3000 RF input/output, etc).

If hit with a Yeta Wrench, the mode of the side hit can be modified. A blank slate ("none") indicates input/output. A blue symbol ("pull") indicates input, a red symbol ("push") indicates output. An "X" indicates the side is disabled. Shift-clicking the block with the wrench will drop the block, with all energy still stored in it.


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