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This page is about the Factorization Barrel. For other uses, see Barrel.

TypeTile entity

The Barrel is a tile entity added by Factorization. It is designed to store 64 stacks of a single item; It can store 4096 (64 stacks of 64) copies of a single item. The front of the block shows the item it is holding, along with the amount of said item.



Right-click on a Barrel with an item in hand to put that item in the barrel. Double right-click to put all of that item from the inventory into the barrel. Left-click to remove an entire stack of that item. Shift left-click to pull out a single of that item. The Barrel can be upgraded using an Extra-Dimensional Storage (Barrel Upgrade).

Integration with other mods

Applied Energistics

Main article: Applied Energistics

Barrels can be set up to be part of an ME Network from Applied Energistics by attaching an ME Storage Bus under the Barrel and setting the item to be stored in the Barrel to store in the Bus' GUI. It is also recommended to configure priority properly such that the item set to be stored is actually stored in the barrel and not in other ME storage inventories on the network.


Main article: BuildCraft

Items can be inserted into the barrel using a Buildcraft Transport Pipe into the top side, and can be pumped out from the bottom side.