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This page is about the Barrel added by Charset. For other uses, see Barrel.

TypeSolid block
Required modulesstorage.barrels
Pre-0.4.0: Storage (#)

The Barrel is an block added by Charset, based off the Barrel added by Factorization. It does not appear in JEI, but it exists nevertheless.

The Barrel is used to store a large quantity of one item. It can store 64 stacks of a single item; the total amount depends on the item's maximum stack size, but it would be 4096 items for the normal stack size of 64. The front of the block shows the item it is holding, along with the amount of said item.

Right-clicking the Barrel with an item or stack of items will put the item (or stack) into the Barrel. Right-clicking it with an empty hand or a different item will open a pop-up showing the name of the item and the number of it in the Barrel. Left-clicking the Barrel will remove a stack, or the maximum amount of items in the Barrel minus one. Shift left-clicking will only remove one item.

The Barrel has Redstone Comparator support. When measuring it, the Redstone Comparator will emit a signal proportional to how full the Barrel is. For example, a full barrel will yield a full 15 signal strength from the Redstone Comparator, and an empty barrel will yield no signal.


The Barrel can be upgraded with the following upgrades:

  • Hopping - allows the Barrel to act as a Hopper.
  • Sticky - ensures that the Barrel will always keep at least one of a given item unless manually removed by a player. This is functionally equivalent to "locking" the barrel to only accept a specific type of item.

In addition, the following upgrades are present, but uncraftable or not enabled by default:

  • Silky - not enabled by default as it is superseded by the block carrying tweak in Charset Tweaks; Barrels with this upgrade retain their contents if mined with a Silk Touch pickaxe.
  • Infinite - not craftable and specific to Creative Barrels; make the barrel store an infinite amount of the item placed inside it.


Above is an example recipe; any type of wood can be used, as long as it is the same wood, and each Barrel will have a texture based on the wood used.


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