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Barakoa Village
MOWM Barakoa Village.png
ModMowzie's Mobs

The Barakoa Village is a structure added by Mowzie's Mobs. It spawns in Savannas.

It appears as a small group of houses made mostly out of Acacia Wood, Jungle Leaves, Hay Bales and Painted Acacia Wood, with a campfire surrounded by Acacia Wood in its center. Small circles of Hay Bales with several Skeleton Skulls also appears, as well as exactly one throne on top of which Barako, the Sun Chief is sitting.

The village also spawns with several Barakoas that are able to trade with a player wearing any Barakoa mask.

If Quark is installed, vanilla chests in this village will be replaced with acacia chests.


This loot table is rolled 3-8 times, which means that 3-8 entries will be present in a chest.

Item Quantity Weight

Gold Nugget

1 5

Tall Grass
1 5

Cooked Porkchop
1-2 5

Cocoa Beans
1-2 8

Acacia Sapling
1-2 10

1-2 10

Mask of Fury
1 1

Mask of Bliss
1 1

Mask of Misery
1 1

Mask of Fear
1 1

Mask of Rage
1 1

Mask of Faith
1 1