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Barako, the Sun Chief
Entity MOWM Barako, the Sun Chief.png

ModMowzie's Mobs
TypeHostile monster
Health points80 (Heart.svg × 40)
Damage5 (Heart.svgHeart.svgHalf Heart.svg)

Barako, the Sun Chief is a hostile monster added by Mowzie's Mobs. One spawns inside each generated Barakoa Village, sitting on top of the throne.

When killed it drops a Sol Visage and all nearby Barakoas die as well.


Barako sits on its throne and never moves from it, attacking all nearby Zombies, Skeletons and players not wearing any Barakoa mask. It passively regains 1 (Half Heart.svg) health every 0.5 seconds while not in combat. When attacking something, it alternates between the following attacks:

  • Calls a sun strike at its target's location, which deals 4.5 (Heart.svgHeart.svg) damage and sets entities on fire for 5 seconds in a small radius on impact. Sun strikes are called in quicker succession as Barako's health goes down.
  • Charges then releases a burst of flames that deals 5 (Heart.svgHeart.svgHalf Heart.svg) damage to nearby mobs and players and knock them away. Barako only uses this attack if its target is in melee range.
  • Spawns up to 3 Barakoas. Barako only uses this attack if there are less than 5 Barakoas nearby.
  • Fires a solar beam at its target for 2.75 seconds, dealing 2 (Heart.svg) damage to all entities on its path every time it can. Barako only uses this attack if it is below 60 (Heart.svg × 30) health.

If approached by a player wearing a Barakoa mask, that player will be able to trade with Barako. For 5-8 Blocks of Gold, it can grant the player the Sun's Blessing for 1 Hour. After purchasing it once, the player may get the blessing again for free from that same Barako.