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This page is about the Backpacks from the Forestry mod. For other uses, see Backpack.


The Backpacks are a family of items added by Forestry. They function as portable item storage devices. Each kind of backpack can only hold a specific set of items. Allowed items for each backpack can be edited in the mod's config file.


Backpack Slots Holds
125 All varieties of Bees
125 All varieties of Butterflies
15 All types of ore and gems
15 Dirt, Cobblestone, Sand, Gravel, Flint, Clay etc...
15 Wood, Saplings, Flowers, Seeds, Mushrooms, Sticky Resin etc...
15 Any item dropped by a mob
15 Nothing by default. This backpack needs to be configured to hold what you want it to hold
15 Items used for building such as Glass, Torches, Bricks, Stairs, Fences etc...

Woven Backpacks

Woven Backpacks are larger versions of the Backpacks. They can hold 45 stacks. The player will need the smaller backpack, a good collection of Woven Silk and a Diamond to make the larger ones. Place them in a Carpenter with some water and to acquire the Woven Backpack. The only backpacks that don't have a Woven variety are the Apiarist's and Lepidopterist's backpacks.