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This page is about the Backpack from BetterStorage. For other uses, see Backpack.

TypeSolid block

The Backpack is an item from the BetterStorage mod. It is a portable storage solution, containing 36 inventory slots. It has a durability of 224 points. Unlike most portable storage solutions, this is "worn", rather than simply being an item with an inventory. Breaking it without equipping it will drop all items into the world. It can be found being worn by hostile monsters, usually containing standard dungeon loot. It may be enchanted, but this usually does not do anything, apart from the Unbreaking enchantments.

Its tooltip text varies based on whether it is equipped or not. When unequipped, it will say Place down and break while sneaking to equip. When equipped, it will say Sneak and right click ground with empty hand to unequip.



The Backpack can be put on breaking it while sneaking, while it is placed. By default, it will use the chestpiece armor slot, but this can be disabled in the configuration file. It cannot be un/equipped by placing it in the chestpiece slot. It can be unequipped by right-clicking while sneaking. Using the key set in the [BetterStorage] Open Backpack control option will open it without placing it. Though, it can be opened while placed in the world.