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Current developersshadowake
Version2.30.0 (Classic)

3.33.0 (Experimental)

1.10.0 (Sky of Diamonds)
Supported Minecraft versions1.7.10
Discord serverLink

Awakening is a group of modpacks created and maintained by shadowake. They are:

  • Awakening - Classic (for Minecraft version 1.7.10)
  • Awakening - Reforged (for Minecraft version 1.7.10)
  • Awakening - Sky of Diamonds (SoD) (for Minecraft version 1.12.2)

They utilize a variety of magic and tech mods that have had recipes tweaked to make a playthrough last much longer. In Classic and Reforged the goal is to craft 1000 Infinity Ingots. Lite versions of Classic and Reforged are available and are compatible with their full counterparts; however, some clientside mods are removed to improve performance.

Sky of Diamonds became live on March 31, 2019. It features skyblock world generation and compared to the other 2 modpacks it is easier to break the game (and even encouraged).

Notable features

  • Many recipes are tweaked to include components and items from other mods to encourage players to play through all of them.
  • Certain machines are disabled so that players must use a variety of mods to progress in the modpack.
  • Vanilla tools are disabled; they must be crafted through Tinkers' Construct.
    • Tools will level up as they are being used and gain modifiers courtesy of Iguanas Tinker Tweaks.
  • A questbook guides players through the modpacks and gives them rewards when tasks are completed. It also serves as Botania's in-game documentation as its recipes have been majorly altered (as such the Lexica Botania is disabled).
  • Crops can only be grown through Agricraft.
  • Farm animals (i.e., Cows, Chickens, Pigs, and Sheep) can only be acquired by domesticating their wild counterparts across three generations.
    • Wild animals will attack the player if attacked and nearby animals of the same species will join in. They cannot be milked, sheared, or lay eggs.
  • New custom biomes.
  • Basic Drawers of all sizes from Storage Drawers have been removed; players must craft Framed Drawers that must be completed in a Framing Table.
  • Thaumcraft has been configured to easy mode; all topics are bought with research points.

List of mods

Mod Authors
AE2 Stuff bdew
AI Improvements darkguardsman
AOBD singularities RCXcrafter
Accidentally Circumstantial Events(ACE) zavvias
Actually Additions Ellpeck
Additional Compression KingWealthyturtle
Advanced Generators bdew
AgriCraft InfinityRaider
Ancient Trees scottkillen
Another One Bites the Dust ganymedes01
AppleCore squeek502
Applied Energistics 2 AlgorithmX2
ArchitectureCraft gcewing
Armor Overlay TheOldOne22
ArmorStatusHUD bspkrs
Aroma1997Core Aroma1997
AromaBackup Aroma1997
Auto Ore Dictionary Converter MattDahEpic
Avaritia Assassinfox
Avaritiaddons WanionCane
Awakening Armor shadowake
Awakening Meats shadowake
Backpacks! Brad16840
Barkifier Tschipp
BdLib bdew
Better Boat SanAndreasP
Better Builder's Wands Portablejim
BetterFps Guichaguri
Big Doors jaquadro
BigTrees thevidaj
Biomes O' Plenty Glitchfiend
Block Properties docrobb
Bookshelf Darkhax
Born in a Barn Speiger
Botania Vazkii
Brandon's Core brandon3055
Carpenter's Blocks Syntaxial
Chance Cubes turkey2349
ChatFlow Vazkii
Chest Transporter CubeX2
Chicken Chunk Patcher Chocohead
Chisel tterrag1098
ChunkPurge AcEAndroid
Climate Control/Geographicraft Zeno410
Clock HUD QKninja
CoFH Core TeamCoFH
CoFH Lib TeamCoFH
CodeChickenCore chicken_bones
Compact Machines Davenonymous
Compacter bdew
Controlling jaredlll08
Cooking for Blockheads BlayTheNinth
CraftTweaker jaredlll08
Crafting Tweaks BlayTheNinth
CreativeCore CreativeMD
Custom Chest Loot docrobb
Custom Friends Capes TheRealp455w0rd
Custom Loading Screen AlexIIL
Custom Main Menu lumien231
D3Core DoubleDoorDevelopment
DeathQuotes / Death Quotes andrenoel1
Decocraft2 RazzleberryFox
Decorative Styles mariot789
Default World Generator fireball1725
DefaultSettings PT400C
Doomlike Dungeons BlackJar72
Draconic Evolution brandon3055
Dungeon Mobs GnomeWorks
Ender IO CrazyPants_MC
Ender IO Addons Henry_Loenwind
Ender Storage chicken_bones
EnderCore tterrag1098
Eternal Singularity KingWealthyturtle
Extra Utilities RWTema
ExtraCells2 Destroyer7128
ExtraTiC JeanGlassmaker
FPS Reducer bre2el
FTB Library FTB
FTB Tweaks FTB
FTB Utilities FTB
Farseek delvr
FastCraft Player
FloatingRuins bspkrs
Food Details Lothrazar
Forbidden Magic Assassinfox
Forge Essentials Client olee92
Gadomancy makeoo
Garden Stuff jaquadro
Gear Swapper McJty
Gems+ Boilingfort
Hardcore Questing Mode lorddusk
Headcrumbs ganymedes01
Headcrumbs Advanced Modification KingWealthyturtle
Hearts & Damage (Craftable/Permanent) SignoreFancypants
HelpFixer matthewprenger
Highlands fabricator77
Hunger Overhaul progwml6
Iguanas Tinker Tweaks bonusboni
Immersive Engineering BluSunrize
Immersive Integration UnwrittenFun
Improving Minecraft pifou92000
Infini-TiC LakMoore
InfiniBows (Infinity Bow Fix) Myrathi
Insider Trading DoubleDoorDevelopment
Iron Chests progwml6
It's the little things zlepper
JAPTA VpzomTrrfrt
JourneyMap techbrew
Just Another Spawner Crudedragos
Kore Sample scottkillen
Lava Monsters docrobb
LegibleNei Davenro
Light Level Overlay Reloaded oldjunyi
Lightwave's Tweaks Lightwave8
LittleTiles CreativeMD
LootBags Malorolam
Lumy Skin Patch Lumy79_
LunatriusCore Lunatrius
MPUtils GenDeathrow
MPUtils Basic Tools GenDeathrow
Magical Crops: Armoury Mark719
Magical Crops: Core - 1.12 BETA! Mark719
Magical Crops: Decorative Mark719
Magmaox Mod witherlord00
MalisisCore Ordinastie
MalisisDoors Ordinastie
Mantle mDiyo
MattDahEpic Core (MDECore) MattDahEpic
McJtyLib McJty
Metallurgy Shadowclaimer
Metallurgy Core JeanGlassmaker
MetallurgyChisel JeanGlassmaker
Minefactory Reloaded skyboy026
MiscTweaks_ CoolSquid
Mob Properties docrobb
ModTweaker jaredlll08
Modpack Configuration Checker matt_r__
Morpheus Quetzi
Mouse Tweaks YaLTeR97
MyWorldGen impiaaa
Mystical Mobs mangoose3039
NEI Addons bdew
NEI Integration tonius111
NEIlootbags Gigabit1011
NetherPortalFix BlayTheNinth
Nightmare Creatures II (Unofficial Multiplayer Patch) TechDweebGaming
No More Achievements GenDeathrow
Nodal Mechanics Shukaro
NotEnoughIDs fewizz
NotEnoughItems chicken_bones
NotEnoughKeys dmodoomsirius
NotEnoughThaumcraftTabs fewizz
NuclearCraft TLJGames
OMLib Keridos
Omni Ocular exzhawk
OpenBlocks OpenMods
OpenModsLib OpenMods
OpenModularTurrets Keridos
Pam's HarvestCraft MatrexsVigil
Pick Block Plus ChaosTheDude
Portal Gun iChun
Practical Logistics Ollie_Lansdell
Practicalities jotato
Project Red - Base Mr_TJP
Project Red - Compat Mr_TJP
Project Red - Integration Mr_TJP
Project Red - Lighting Mr_TJP
ProjectE sinkillerj
Quadrum dmillerw
RFTools McJty
Random Things lumien231
ReAuth TechnicianLP
Resource Loader lumien231
Revamp rivvest
Schematica Lunatrius
Simply Jetpacks tonius111
Smooth Font bre2el
Sonar Core Ollie_Lansdell
StatusEffectHUD bspkrs
Storage Drawers jaquadro
Storage Drawers NEI Fix domi1819
Streams delvr
Tainted Magic yorkeMC
Thaumaturgical Knowledge Doctor_Benway
Thaumcraft azanor
Thaumic Energistics Nividica
Thaumic Equivalence Lilylicious
Thaumic Fixer Chocohead
Thaumic Inventory Scanning (Thaumcraft Addon) BlayTheNinth
Thaumic NEI gudenau
The Spice of Life squeek502
Thermal Expansion TeamCoFH
Thermal Foundation TeamCoFH
Thermal Singularities WanionCane
TiC Tooltips squeek502
TiConAutoToolStation Blubberbub
Tinkers Construct mDiyo
Translocators chicken_bones
Traveller's Gear BluSunrize
True Invisibility knight_demon
UBC Ore Registrar marwat208
UndergroundBiomesConstructs Zeno410
Underp Hangables masa_
UniDict WanionCane
Universal Singularities KingWealthyturtle
Vending block kamildanak
View EMC Silly511
VillagerMetaFix malte0811
WAILA Blacklist SanityCh3ck
WAILA Plugins tterrag1098
WAILA-features Way2muchnoise
WR-CBE-Universal chicken_bones
WTF's Expedition: CaveBiomes, Ores, Trees, and Tweaks WhiskytangoFox
WTF's TextureGeneratorLib WhiskytangoFox
WTFCore WhiskytangoFox
Waila ProfMobius
Waila Events Darkhax
Waila Harvestability squeek502
WallpaperCraft oliviaoliviason
WanionLib WanionCane
Waterhook Henry_Loenwind
Wawla - What Are We Looking At Darkhax
WebShooter josephcsible
Whisky Tango Fox's Ores WhiskytangoFox
Wireless Crafting Terminal TheRealp455w0rd
Witching Gadgets BluSunrize
Ztones riciJak
iChunUtil iChun
p455w0rd's Library TheRealp455w0rd
qCraft Kulttuuri
sprinkles_for_vanilla VikeStep


Awakening - Reforged was previously known as Awakening - Experimental before being renamed on January 14, 2020.

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