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Automation Tweaks

The Automation module of Quark adds various Tweaks. This list is likely outdated, so you might want to see the official feature list.

The Tweaks

An example contraption (a Cobblestone generator) using the Piston Spikes tweak.

  • Dispenser Planting: Dispensers plant crops and seeds instead of dropping them.
  • Animals eat floor food: animals will eat their breeding food when dropped. Introduced in r1.1-61.
  • Piston Spikes: when an Iron Rod is attached to a Piston and pushed, it will break the block it moves into. Before version 1.2-86 (including the versions of Quark for Minecraft 1.10) it used an End Rod instead of an Iron Rod. Introduced in r1.1-61.
  • Pistons Move Tile Entities: Pistons can move tile entities, such as the Furnace. Monster Spawners cannot be moved, however. Introduced in r1.1-78.
  • Dispensers Place Blocks: Dispensers can be used to place blocks. Introduced in r1.2-84.
  • Dispensers Play Records: Dispensers can play a Jukebox by dispensing a Music Disc into it. Introduced in r1.2-88.
  • Chains Connect Blocks: Chains now connect blocks when a piston moves them. Chains only connect to Slime, Honey, and other "sticky" blocks if they do so visually.


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