Automation Tweaks

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Automation Tweaks

The Automation module of Quark adds various Tweaks.

The Tweaks

An example contraption (a Cobblestone generator) using the Piston Spikes tweak.
  • Dispenser Planting: Dispensers plant crops and seeds instead of dropping them.
  • Animals eat floor food: animals will eat their breeding food when dropped. Introduced in r1.1-61.
  • Piston Spikes: when an Iron Rod is attached to a Piston and pushed, it will break the block it moves into. Before version 1.2-86 (including the versions of Quark for Minecraft 1.10) it used an End Rod instead of an Iron Rod. Introduced in r1.1-61.
  • Pistons Move Tile Entities: Pistons can move tile entities, such as the Furnace. Monster Spawners cannot be moved, however. Introduced in r1.1-78.
  • Dispensers Place Blocks: Dispensers can be used to place blocks. Introduced in r1.2-84.
  • Dispensers Play Records: Dispensers can play a Jukebox by dispensing a Music Disc into it. Introduced in r1.2-88.


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