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Automatic Recycler

ModGregTech 4
Tooltip textcompress, burn, obliterate and filter EVERYTHING
Max EU input32 EU/t
EU use1?[clarify] EU/t

The Automatic Recycler is a machine added by GregTech 4. It replaces the Recycler.

Unlike IndustrialCraft 2's Recycler, the Automatic Recycler has two inputs and two outputs. Additionally, it can not use upgrades like the Overclocker Upgrade, at least in the same way. The player must right-click the machine with the upgrade in hand to apply it, and the upgrades cannot be removed, even with a Wrench.

The Automatic Recycler also includes new configuration options in the form of buttons in the bottom-left corner of the GUI. The lighning bolt button when toggled on allows the Automatic Recycler to transfer EU to machines next to it, assuming the Recycler is not using any of the energy. The arrow button when toggled on causess the Automatic Recycler to output through the back of the machine. If an inventory such as a Chest is behind it, then it will place the items in the inventory. If not, it will simply drop the items on the ground. The last button changes the way items are moved into the output slots.