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Automatic Lubricator

ModImmersive Petroleum
Liquid storage8,000 mB

The Automatic Lubricator is an block added by Immersive Petroleum. It is used to supply machines from Immersive Petroleum and Immersive Engineering with Lubricant to allow them to operate faster.

The Automatic Lubricator is placed as a single block but is two blocks tall. It can store 8,000 mB of a valid lubricant, including the petroleum-based Lubricant produced from a Distillation Tower or Plant Oil obtained from a Squeezer. This fluid can be piped in to the top of the device.

The Automatic Lubricator can be used to speed the operation of the Crusher, Excavator, or Pumpjack by 25%. In order to function correctly, it must be placed in a specific position and orientation relative to the multiblock; this position appears as a ghost image while holding an Automatic Lubricator in hand and looking towards the multiblock of choice. If placed correctly, pipes will render around the multiblock coming out of the device

The lubricator will automatically dispense lubricant at a rate of 3 mB Lubricant or 12 mB Plant Oil every four ticks.