Automatic Hammer (Embers)

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This page is about the Automatic Hammer added by Embers. For other uses, see Automatic Hammer.
Automatic Hammer (Embers)

TypeSolid block

The Automatic Hammer is a block added by Embers. It is used alongside the Dawnstone Anvil to increase its efficiency. It uses 40 embers for each strike, and it has an internal ember storage at 12,000 embers.



To use the Automatic Hammer it must be placed diagonally upwards from the Dawnstone Anvil. The hammer should then hover over the Dawnstone Anvil. To power it, simply attach an Ember Receptor or an Ember Funnel to any side. Then supply a redstone signal to it for it to work. It will then automatically hammer when there is something hammerable on the anvil.


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