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Automatic Fisher

TypeSolid block

The Automatic Fisher is a machine block added by Mariculture. It is one of two automatic fishing methods, the other being the Fishing Net. It automatically fishes when supplied with RF Power, a Fishing Rod, and Bait.


Any raw fish can be used in the recipe.


To function, the Automatic Fisher must be placed either in or above a Water source block. Both methods can be seen below:

Automatic Fisher Set-Up.png


Automatic Fisher Slots.png

On the left of the GUI is the Power Meter (RF) with an open slot for batteries underneath. In the center-top is a Fishing Rod slot where any Mariculture Fishing Rod can be placed. Under the Fishing Rod slot are Bait slots where only the baits that are compatible with the rod in the Fishing Rod slot can be placed and used. To the right of the bubble progress bar are the Catch slots where the fish that are caught by the machine are placed. To the very right, the blue slots are for Upgrades, the Redstone Torch button is for configuring how the machine should work with Redstone signals, and the last slot, Auto-Eject, is used to automatically eject caught fish into the inventory next to the fisher.