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Automated Steam Trap

TypeSolid block
Previous tier

The Automated Steam Trap is a block from the Railcraft mod. This block is an automatic variation of the Manual Steam Trap. The Automated Steam Trap consumes 32 mB Steam/operation, and deals a significant amount of damage to anyone walking through. The difference between the Manual Steam Trap and the Automated Steam Trap is that the Automated version will emit steam if there is an entity moving in front of it, and can be turned off using a redstone signal, rather than requiring a redstone signal to operate.

When a player is killed by a Steam Trap, there will be a custom death message. Player in these changes from player-to-player, just like the vanilla Minecraft death messages:

  • Player got cooked, nice and juicy
  • Player is not immune to high temperatures, despite claims to the contrary
  • Player discovered how painful Steam can be
  • Player had an industrial accident
  • Player probably shouldn't have stepped there
  • Player discovered that Steam baths are left to saunas


Alternatively, the Manual Steam Trap can be upgraded into the Automated Steam Trap.