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Auto Crafting Bench

ModProject Red
Required modulesExpansion

The Auto Crafting Bench is a machine added by Project Red and can be used in conjunction with a Routed Interface pipe and Item Crafting chip for automatic crafting.

If the mod MineChem is installed, the Auto Crafting Bench can be decomposed with the Chemical Decomposer into chemical compounds from MineChem.



Picture 1: The GUI of the Auto Crafting Bench with a custom build Recipe Plan.

Picture 2: An Auto Crafting Bench connected to a pipe system, with storage and Item Request pipe, of Project Red.

The Auto Crafting requires Electrotine Power to operate which can be supplied with Low Load Power Lines.

A right-click on the bench opens the GUI (shown in picture 1). The energy supply is displayed on the left side and at the bottom is its internal inventory. On the right is where custom build Recipe Plans can be placed.

The Auto Crafting Bench will not pass on or receive items from a Hopper if a constant Redstone signal is applied, though it will craft if power is supplied.

On picture 2 is an Auto Crafting Bench connected to a pipe system of Project Red.

To auto produce, for example, Sticks, create a Recipe Plan for sticks and place it in the Auto Crafting Bench.

Program an Item Crafting chip with the same recipe for Sticks and place it in the Item Interface pipe next to the Auto Crafting Bench. Finally, the resources needed for the recipe must be included in the right chest (storage). With this setup the player can request Sticks on the Routed Request pipe, which are automatically produced and placed in the chest next to the Routed Request pipe.