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This page is about the Auto Chisel added by Chisel (TheCricket26). For other uses, see Auto Chisel.
Auto Chisel

ModChisel (TheCricket26)
TypeSolid block

The Auto Chisel is a machine added by Chisel (TheCricket26). It allows for automated production of chisel blocks. The machine has four upgrades:

  • The Speed Upgrade,
  • The Automation Upgrade which allows items to be pumped in and out of the device,
  • The Stacks Upgrade which allows the device to chisel up to 64 items at once,
  • And the Reversion Upgrade.



The Auto Chisel requires a chisel to be placed into the bottom left slot to work. The block to be created is placed into the middle slot, and blocks to be chiseled should be in the top left slot. The machine will output to the rightmost slot (not including upgrade slots). The other three slots are for the upgrades, and each upgrade must be placed in the slot that has the corresponding upgrade picture on it.