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ModMineFactory Reloaded

The Auto-Anvil is a block from MineFactory Reloaded that automatically repairs items at the cost of energy and Mob Essence. This machine can store 4,000EU or 1,600MJ.



Ender IO

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Thermal Expansion

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The Auto-Anvil has 2 input slots, 1 output slot, and 3 display elements: a tank and 2 bars.

  • Tank: Displays stored Mob Essence.
  • Energy bar: Displays stored EU or MJ up to a maximum of 4,000 EU or 1,600 MJ.
  • Progress bar: Displays progress of item being being repaired.

To fix an item of any material, you must put the item in 1 of the 2 top slots, and the material the item is made of in the other. This action requires 400mB of Mob Essence and 4,000 EU or 1,600 MJ.

Known Bugs

If the player shift-clicks a stack of materials into the second input slot, it will be lost and replaced with only 1 instance of that material.