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Aurora Palace
Aurora Palace.png
ModTwilight Forest

The Aurora Palace is a structure that generates in the Glacier biome of the Twilight Forest. It is constructed from Aurora Blocks and contains Aurora Pillars and Birch Wood Planks. If progression is turned on a barrier will prevent further access inside the Palace until the Alpha Yeti has been killed and its fur obtained.

The structure itself is modeled similarly after the Dark Tower of the Dark Forest. The palace has multiple main columns, with many branching doorways off each column. Significant parkour and/or flight are required for the majority of the climb, as stairs are rare until at least halfway up the tower.

Chests are rare but present in the columns, with varying loot. Maze Wafers and Arctic Fur are commonly found, along with Snowballs, Aurora Blocks, and various swords including Steeleaf, Ironwood, and Glass.

In the top floor of one of the towers, the Snow Queen boss can be found.