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This page is about the Aurelia added by Thaumic Bases. For other uses, see Aurelia.

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The Aurelia is a flower added by Thaumic Bases. It is used to provide a safe, renewable (albeit slow) source of
. When it is underneath a full moon it will spawn 1–3 Aurelia Petals around it which can be harvested by hand. These Petals can be distilled into essentia with the use of an Alchemical Furnace.


Thaumonomicon entry

Upon your thaumaturgic researches there has always been one aspect, that is extremely annoying to get - Auram. That one has extreme potential in crafting usages, but to get it you either need to break down aura nodes, which is not good, or venture to the depths of the nether to kill wisps, which is no good as well. You, however, using your plant knowledge have discovered a way of getting that aspect without doing {{{1}}} [sic] any of other ways. This plant when exposed to the moonlight will open up it's [sic] petals to let the moonlight come in - it seems like the plant feeds of [sic] moonlight. However, due to the air of the very world it is only possible during full moon. The plant will ocassionally loose it's [sic] petals, and they can be gathered from the ground near the flower. Those petals are extremly [sic] rich on Auram essentia. However, the plant will only feed from the moon if it has a direct view over it.
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