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This page is about Aura from Aura Cascade. For other uses, see Aura.

Aura is a form of energy added by the Aura Cascade. It is a magical fluid that can transferred with Aura Nodes.

Aura is not created or destroyed, similar to real energy.

Encyclopedia Aura entries

From the Encyclopedia Aura:

Basic Concepts (under Basics)

Aura is a magical fluid, which comes from craftable Aura Crystals. You can craft different Aura Nodes, and place them in the world. Aura nodes will connect to nearby nodes in a straight line, and transfer energy. Aura is not created or destroyed under most circumstances. Instead, Aura represents one part of the overall machine. Aura is used to transport and store Power, in mechanics which will be discussed later.

Encyclopedia Aura

Aura Flow Mechanics (under Basics)

Every second, Aura Nodes will send a percentage of their Aura to connected nodes. This percentage depends on the distance between the nodes and other connected nodes. When two nodes are connected, both send aura to each other. This means that the quantity of aura in connected nodes tends toward equilibrium, under normal circumstances.

Aura Crystals can place Aura in a node

Aura Nodes store and transport Aura

Encyclopedia Aura

Transport and Storage

Aura Nodes both transport and store Aura. If another Aura Node is nearby, the first Aura Node will share and balance its energy with the other one, creating a network. The player can determine the amount of aura a node has by hovering their cursor over it, which will display a small window that shows the values, as shown below.

Aura Stored.png

Aura naturally moves down due to gravity; if an Aura Node is under another Aura Node, all the Aura in the network will move to the lower node.


Aura is produced with Aura Crystals. Right-clicking (or tossing) an Aura Node with an Aura Crystal will consume it, and that Aura Node will gain 1000 Colored Aura, depending on the color of the Aura Crystal. For example, if a Green Aura Crystal is used, the Aura Node will gain 1000 Green Aura; if a Red Aura Crystal is used, the Aura Node will gain 1000 Red Aura.


Aura is used to make Power. Power is created when Aura is pushed upwards, using a pump. Pumps require a source of fuel, depending on the type of pump.

When power is created, it is distributed to local Consumers. These consumers use power to do something. For example, the most basic consumer is the Cascading Processor ; it uses power to smelt items into their results.


Aura comes in different colors. Different colors might have different properties.

  • White Aura is the standard kind of Aura.
  • Black Aura cannot be pumped upwards, nor can it cannot produce power when flowing downwards. Unlike most Aura, it can be created and destroyed using an Aura Manipulator.
  • Blue Aura has a massive 50x ascent boost. However, this only occurs when it is raining. Otherwise, the aura will be half as efficient as the white aura.
  • Green Aura takes double the power to pump during the day, but a quarter of the power to pump during night.
  • Orange Aura can only be pumped upward or flowed downward; it cannot go horizontally. It also creates a current; other aura colors will move up or down with it.
  • Red Aura is pushed upwards when TNT explodes near it, producing 200,000 power.
  • Violet Aura grows over time. However, only 2500 Violet Aura can be stored in a Aura Node at once.
  • Yellow Aura has a 10x ascent boost. However, Yellow Aura will break down over time.