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ModThermal Expansion 4

Augments are a set of items from Thermal Expansion 4. They can be placed in Thermal Expansion machines to give them additional functions or extend their normal abilities.

The number of Augments a machine can accept is determined by the machine's tier, Basic, Reinforced, Hardened, or Resonant. Basic machines can hold 3 Augments, and each tier adds one additional slot. Dynamos can hold 4 Augments. Augments are kept in machines when they are picked up (via a Crescent Hammer. Any Augment can be placed in any machine, but most augments will only add effects to some machines, and some Augments require machines to be at or above a certain tier (Hardened, Reinforced, or Resonant) to take effect. Additionally, multiple Augments of the same type (other than Automation) do not stack, but in order for higher-tier augments to be effective, their lower-tier versions must be present. For example, for an Augment: Flux Linkage Optimization (tier 2 Dynamo fuel efficiency) to be effective, an Augment: Secondary Gearbox (tier 1 Dynamo fuel efficiency) must be present as well.

Shown below is a table of all current Augments and a summary of their abilities.

Augment Type Description Usable In

Automation Allows automated output of fluids and items All Machines*

Automation Allows reconfiguration of sides' interaction All Machines*

Automation Allows the machine to be controlled by a Redstone signal All Machines*

Automation Allows Dynamos to accept items and fluids through their output side Dynamos

Dynamo Output Decreases minimum Dynamo output to 0RF/t conserving fuel Dynamos

Fuel Efficiency Reduces the rate at which Dynamos consume fuel Dynamos

Dynamo Output Increases Dynamo energy generation and fuel consumption Dynamos

Secondary Production Increases chance of secondary outputs Pulverizer, Induction Smelter

Machine Processing Speed Increases machine operating speed and energy consumption All machines

Igneous Extruder Batch Size Increases Igneous Extruder production and decreases Water consumption Igneous Extruder


  • When crafted, all machines (not Dynamos) come with an Integrated Servo Mechanism, an Integrated Modular Framework, and an Integrated Redstone Circuit. These Augments can be removed, however when removed they remove certain automation features from their machines.
  • Augments that do not have multiple versions do not have tier requirements.