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Attunement Altar

ModAstral Sorcery
TypeTransparent block

The Attunement Altar is a block added by Astral Sorcery. It is used to attune Rock Crystals, Celestial Crystals, and (when attuning to a bright constellation) players for further crafting, rituals, or perks. After completing the structure described in the following section Construction, Spectral Relays must be placed on the Sooty Marble to attune the Altar to a specific constellation. The placement of these Relays can be displayed when the constellation is in the sky and the player is holding its Constellation Paper in either hand; the blocks to place the Relays on will emit dark blue particles. When all the Relays are in place beams of light will connect them and lift the small ornaments around the Altar up. It is accompanied by a constant humming sound effect.

When the Attunement Altar is fully set up Rock Crystals and Celestial Crystals can be thrown onto the Altar to attune them. When set to a bright constellation unattuned players may step onto the Altar to receive that constellation's perks; attuned players must use a Shifting Star to remove their attunement to their preexisting constellation before being able to become attuned to another constellation.


The complete structure is 19x6x19 and requires (including the Altar):



Astral Tome entry

Crafting things with starlight and liquid starlight might be fine and all, but it seems to neglect important parts of the starlight's spectrum. Along with the mundane starlight of various individual stars, light given off by the specific constellations have a much more distinct effect on their environment and those in contact with it. One seems to push things in random directions, another one makes endows [sic] great strength.

It might be possible to filter the starlight of a specific constellation and amplify it... Or perhaps just collect enough to amplify its strength...

A structure designed for attunement would need to deviate from traditional starlight structures such as the crafting altar. Second it would need to be much larger to gather the collective starlight emitted by a constellation.

However, such a blanket collection method would require additional focus of starlight within the structure itself using relays, channeling it to a central point that can make use of it. The placement of relays needs to be deliberate, as they will determine which constellation the altar can attune with. The constellation papers can serve as a visible guide to the placement of the relays if held in hand while the constellation is present in the night sky.

Now that the starlight collection structure is set up along with additional relays, the final piece is an altar that can act as a focal point.

Once everything is arranged, the central altar and the relays start glowing in a bright blue light as starlight streams through them. Calculations show that the focused rays should be so strong that it can lift the golden ornaments of the altar from the ground when active at night. The only real question that remains are what types of objects can readily accept attunement? What about those rock crystals and their respective crystal tools? Can a human body withstand the rays if it steps into the light?

Astral Tome