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This page is about the Assembler added by Environmental Tech. For other uses, see Assembler.

ModEnvironmental Tech

The Assembler is a tool added by Environmental Tech. It is used to build some of the machines added by the mod and to find out what blocks are required to build them.


Holding down the right mouse button on a control block (e.g., a Solar Array Controller Tier 1) with the parts required in the player's inventory (in this case, 9 Solar Cells, 9 Structure Frames, and 4 Null Modifiers) will slowly build the structure.

Left-clicking on a control block will reveal what blocks are required to complete the multiblock structure.

Shift right-clicking on an Environmental Tech block (e.g. Structure Panel, Structure Frame, Void Ore Miner Controller) will instantly drop the block for immediate retrieval. This is useful for quickly disassembling a multiblock structure.