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Asgard Shield Core
Asgard Shield Core
Current developersJade Knightblazer
Supported Minecraft versions1.5.2
Needed forNether-Ender
Harken Scythe

Asgard Shield Core (often just called as Asgard Shield) is a mod created by Jade Knightblazer. It adds Shields as well as Giant Swords to the game.

When the player holds right-click while holding a Sword, instead of blocking normally, a Shield, if in the hotbar, will be used to block instead (if multiple Shields are in the hotbar, the rightmost Shield will be used). Shields give greater protection than Swords. However, Shields have a "Guard Gage" system. The Guard Gage starts with ten units; when blocking, one unit will be removed from the Guard Gage per second, and one unit will be recovered each second if not blocking. If the Guard Gage breaks one unit, the player will lose their guard and have to wait until at least seven units are recovered before blocking again. The Guard Gage is around the hotbar, above the hunger bar.

Shields also have a passive protection; simply having a Shield in the hotbar can reduce damage taken by a small percentage.

Guard Gage

The Guard Gage.

Giant Swords combine the mechanics of the Shield with regular Swords. They also have greater durability and damage than regular Swords.

Shields and Giant Swords also have various "special perks" and weaknesses, depending on the Shield or Giant Sword.


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