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This page is about the BiblioCraft Armor Stand. For other uses, see Armor Stand.
Armor stand

TypeSolid block

The Armor Stand is a block added by the BiblioCraft mod, and is used to store one set of Armor.

The player can add Armor to the stand by holding the piece of Armor in their hand and aiming at the desired slot to place the Armor, so to add a helmet, the player would aim at the head slot of the Armor Stand and rightclick. The player can also add/remove/swap worn Armor with Armor on the Stand by sneak right-clicking on the Armor stand in the desired piece. If the Armor Stand does not have any Armor on it, this will take the Armor from the player and put it on the stand.

Right clicking opens the GUI, which allows the movement of Armor manually.

The GUI of the Armor Stand. The middle slots (Diamond Armor) is the storage for the Armor Stand while the right slots (Leather Armor) are the players Armor slots.