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This article contains information about repairing armor and weapons in ArmorPlus.

Item(s) Repair Easy: Item/Block Repair Expert: Item/Block
Chicken Armor Feather Feather
Slime Armor Slime Ball Slime Block
Coal Armor & Weapons Coal Block of Coal
Lapis Armor & Weapons Lapis Lazuli Lapis Lazuli Block
Redstone Armor & Weapons Redstone Dust Block of Redstone
Emerald Armor & Weapons Emerald Block of Emerald
Obsidian Armor & Weapons Obsidian Compressed Obsidian
Infused Lava Armor & Weapons Lava Crystal Infused Lava Crystal
Guardian Armor & Weapons Guardian Scale Guardian Scale
Super Star Armor & Weapons Wither Bone Wither Bone
Ender Dragon Armor & Weapons Ender Dragon Scale Ender Dragon Scale
Ultimate Armor Unbreakable: NaN Unbreakable: NaN
Cobalt Armor Cobalt Ingot Block of Cobalt
Ardite Armor Ardite Ingot Block of Ardite
Manyullyn Armor Manyullyn Ingot Block of Manyullyn
Knight Slime Armor Knightslime Ingot Block of Knightslime
Pig Iron Armor Pigiron Ingot Block of Pigiron



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