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Armara (Defence) is a bright constellation added by Astral Sorcery. It is associated with increasing defensive power or repulsion.

Attunement Perks

Main article: Attunement Altar

On recent versions, attuning to Armara unlocks a root node with 20% more armor, and allows to gain perk experience by taking damage.

Name Description Effect Required perks
Tough skin Reduces overall damage taken Reduces all damage taken by 10%
Gives 80% of negated damage as Alignment Charge
Additional feathers Take less damage from falling Reduces fall damage taken by 70%
Gives 28.5% of negated damage as Alignment Charge
Tough skin
Higher Dexterity Grants a chance to dodge incoming damage 5% chance of negating all damage from an attack
Gives 100% of negated damage as Alignment Charge
Tough skin
Elemental shield Take less damage from elemental damage Reduces fire, explosion and magic damage taken by 30%
Gives 66.7% of negated damage as Alignment Charge
Additional feathers
Phoenix Blessing Can save you from death in dire situations Taking 6 (Heart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svg) or more damage at once or being downed to 4 (Heart.svgHeart.svg) or less health gives the player Phoenix-Fire I for 10 seconds
50 seconds cooldown
Higher Dexterity
No armor is more armor Resistances and heal when wearing less then 3 armor pieces When the player is wearing at most 2 armor pieces:
  • Reduces all damage taken by 70%
    Gives 42.9% of negated damage as Alignment Charge
  • Restores 0.15 Health (~1/6 of half a heart) every second
Higher Dexterity

Stellar Refraction Table

Main article: Stellar Refraction Table

This constellation bestows Protection on Books and armor and Resistance on potions.


Main article: Ritual Pedestal (Astral Sorcery)

This constellation constantly pushes mobs (excludes players) away from the Pedestal. It will repel enemy projectiles like Skeleton Arrows.

Mantle of Stars

Main article: Mantle of Stars

This constellation will completely block an attack inflicted upon the player. By default the Mantle can block 3 attacks and recharge one stack every 80 ticks (or 4 seconds). This can be changed in the mod's config file.

Astral Tome entry

A repulsion force pushing away from the light of this constellation, much like a shield or protective barrier.
Astral Tome