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Arctic Abyss
Biome Arctic Abyss Oct 2019.png
Forestry Climate
TemperatureHellish 0%
HumidityArid 0%

The Arctic Abyss is the rarest biome added by NetherEx. It is cold themed biome in the Nether with Icy Netherrack covered in Frostburn Ice and lava lakes cooled enough to turn into magma. You will also not find any lava pockets in this biome. Just like all biomes in NetherEx Nether Quartz and Glowstone can be found here. It is also the only place to find Nether Rime Ore and pools of Ichor. A variety of new mobs will naturally generate here, including the Frost, Coolmar Spider, Wight, and Brute.


Name Harvesting Use

Icy Netherrack Pickaxe (Iron) Decoration/Smelting

Frostburn Ice Pickaxe Decoration

Nether Rime Ore Pickaxe (Diamond) Crafting

Ichor Bucket Cobble/Obsidian Gen

Nether Rime Crystal Wight Crafting

Frost Fang Coolmar Spider Brewing

Frost Rod Frost Crafting
Name Harvesting

Glowstone Silk touch

Nether Quartz Pickaxe (Diamond)

Bone Coolmar Spider

Iron Nugget Brute